Fluance Rt85 Vs Rt85N : What is The Difference Between ?

The main difference between the Fluance RT85 and RT85N turntables is that the RT85N model includes a built-in phono preamp. The RT85 and RT85N are both high-quality turntables from Fluance.

The RT85 offers exceptional audio performance with a focus on accuracy and clarity, while the RT85N has the added convenience of a built-in phono preamp, allowing you to connect it directly to your audio system without the need for an external preamp.

Whether you prioritize pure audio quality or the simplicity of a built-in preamp, both the RT85 and RT85N are excellent choices for audiophiles looking for a reliable and high-performing turntable.

Design And Build Quality

The design aspect of a turntable is an important consideration for many audiophiles, as it can enhance both the visual appeal and overall performance. Fluance offers two models, the Rt85 and Rt85N, each with its own unique design characteristics.

When it comes to design aesthetics and materials used, both turntables feature a sleek, modern appearance. The Rt85 boasts a glossy black finish with a transparent dust cover, while the Rt85N adds a touch of sophistication with a natural walnut veneer. These design choices ensure that both models can seamlessly blend into any home decor style.

The dimensions and weight of a turntable can also impact its performance and stability. Both the Rt85 and Rt85N have similar dimensions and weight, offering a sturdy base and minimizing vibrations for optimal sound quality.

Another important aspect of design is the plinth and footprint of the turntable. The Rt85 features a solid wood plinth, which not only enhances the overall build quality but also contributes to better resonance control. The Rt85N takes it a step further with a high-density MDF plinth, providing even greater stability.

Turntable Model Buttons, Knobs, and Controls Tonearm and Cartridge Quality
Rt85 Intuitive buttons and responsive knobs for easy operation Precision tonearm and high-quality cartridge for accurate tracking and playback
Rt85N Smooth and tactile buttons with precise control Upgraded tonearm and cartridge for enhanced audio performance

The buttons, knobs, and controls on both models are well-designed, ensuring a seamless user experience. Each turntable also comes with a precision tonearm and high-quality cartridge, delivering exceptional audio playback.

Overall, both the Fluance Rt85 and Rt85N offer impressive design and build quality, making them excellent choices for any audio enthusiast.

Performance And Sound Quality

When it comes to comparing the Fluance RT85 and RT85N turntables, the performance and sound quality are essential factors to consider. Let’s delve into some key aspects:

Turntable motor and speed accuracy: The motor plays a crucial role in the turntable’s performance. Both models feature a sturdy motor that ensures precise and consistent speed accuracy, minimizing any fluctuations that could affect sound quality.

Isolation and vibration control: Good isolation and vibration control are essential to minimize unwanted noise and ensure optimal playback. Both the RT85 and RT85N integrate effective mechanisms to isolate the turntable from external vibrations.

Belt drive vs. direct drive: The RT85 employs a belt drive system, while the RT85N boasts a direct drive mechanism. Each has its advantages, with belt drives typically offering better isolation from motor vibrations and direct drives providing improved torque and stability.

Signal-to-noise ratio: The signal-to-noise ratio is an important measure of a turntable’s ability to reproduce sound accurately. Both models deliver impressive signal-to-noise ratios, resulting in clean and detailed sound reproduction.

Tracking performance and anti-skate mechanism: To maintain accurate tracking, both the RT85 and RT85N utilize high-quality tonearms with anti-skate mechanisms. These mechanisms help counterbalance the forces that can potentially affect the stylus’ tracking ability.

Sound reproduction accuracy and clarity: The ultimate goal of any turntable is to reproduce music with utmost accuracy and clarity. Both the RT85 and RT85N excel in this aspect, producing rich, dynamic sound that brings your vinyl collection to life.

Connectivity And Convenience Features

Connectivity and Convenience Features

The Fluance Rt85 and Rt85N turntables share similar connectivity and convenience features that enhance user experience. They both offer various analog and digital outputs, allowing you to connect them to different audio devices and systems seamlessly. The built-in preamp and phono stage ensure optimal sound quality, eliminating the need for external amplifiers or preamps. Furthermore, these turntables come with USB connectivity and digitization capabilities, enabling you to convert your vinyl records into digital formats effortlessly. Additionally, Bluetooth compatibility allows for wireless streaming of music to compatible speakers or headphones. Automation and auto-stop functions enhance convenience by automatically starting and stopping the turntable’s operation. Lastly, both models are compatible with various external accessories and upgrades, providing flexibility for customization and enhancement of the overall audio experience.

Fluance Rt85 Vs Rt85N

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Price And Value For Money

Pricing of the Rt85 and Rt85N: The Fluance Rt85 and Rt85N turntables have competitive pricing, offering excellent value for money. The Rt85 is priced at $449.99, while the Rt85N comes at a slightly higher price of $499.99. Despite the price difference, both models are packed with additional features and accessories that enhance the overall user experience.
Additional features and accessories included: Both the Rt85 and Rt85N come with a built-in Intel Audio Technology phono preamp, ensuring optimal audio performance. These turntables also include a high-quality Audio Technica cartridge, allowing for exceptional sound quality and accuracy. Additionally, they feature a solid wood plinth, anti-skate control, and adjustable counterweight, providing users with precise control over the playback.
Long-term durability and reliability: Fluance is known for its commitment to producing durable and reliable turntables, and the Rt85 and Rt85N are no exception. With their sturdy construction and high-quality components, these turntables are built to withstand the test of time. Customers have praised their longevity and dependability, making them a wise investment for long-term use.
Customer reviews and ratings: The Rt85 and Rt85N have garnered positive reviews from customers, with many praising their exceptional sound quality and value for money. Users have commended the build quality, ease of setup, and overall performance of these turntables. Their high ratings reflect the satisfaction and appreciation of customers who have experienced the Fluance Rt85 and Rt85N turntables.
Comparison with similar turntables in the market: When compared to other turntables in the market, the Fluance Rt85 and Rt85N stand out due to their competitive pricing, additional features, and exceptional sound quality. They offer a compelling alternative to higher-priced models while delivering comparable performance. With their combination of value and performance, the Rt85 and Rt85N present a strong option for both audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Frequently Asked Questions For Fluance Rt85 Vs Rt85N

What Are The Key Differences Between The Fluance Rt85 And Rt85N Turntables?

The key difference between the Fluance Rt85 and Rt85N turntables is that the Rt85N model has a built-in phono preamp, while the Rt85 model requires an external phono preamp. Another difference is that the Rt85N has a glossy piano black finish, while the Rt85 has a sleek walnut finish.

Which Turntable Is Better For Audiophiles, The Rt85 Or Rt85N?

Both the Fluance Rt85 and Rt85N turntables are great options for audiophiles. The Rt85 offers a pure analog signal path with the option for upgrading the phono preamp, providing more flexibility for customization. On the other hand, the Rt85N offers convenience with its built-in phono preamp, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a simpler setup.

Does The Rt85N’S Built-In Phono Preamp Affect Sound Quality?

No, the built-in phono preamp in the Fluance Rt85N turntable does not negatively impact sound quality. In fact, it is specifically designed to maintain the highest level of audio fidelity. The built-in phono preamp ensures optimal signal transfer and accurate reproduction of the vinyl recordings, resulting in a rich and detailed sound experience.

Can I Connect The Rt85N Turntable To External Speakers?

Yes, you can easily connect the Fluance Rt85N turntable to external speakers. The turntable has a built-in phono preamp, allowing you to connect it directly to powered speakers or amplifiers with a line-level input. This versatility gives you the freedom to choose the speakers that best suit your listening preferences and room setup.


To summarize, both the Fluance RT85 and RT85N turntables offer impressive features and audio quality, making them excellent choices for music enthusiasts. While the RT85 allows manual speed adjustment, the RT85N includes an integrated phono preamp, providing convenience for those without a standalone preamp.

Ultimately, your choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whichever model you go for, you can expect a remarkable vinyl listening experience. Happy spinning!

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